Our products concentrate in wedding dresses and evening dresses, ball gown ,mermaid and A- line silhouette are available. Our Cooperative factory has an area of 2,000 square meters, 9 production workshops and a large exhibition hall of 4000 square meters. We have about 104 experienced staff and a team of 5 top talents designers.

More than 150 original designs are updated monthly---plentiful supply meets market demand. Over 200 pieces in stock every day enable immediate delivery after payment.Small alterations can be accepted for free , such as changing neckline or sleeves designs, adding lining to cover body parts etc. Your logos or labels can be added freely if you want. We offer drop shipping service and one piece can be shipped.


Sale--Honey Wang
Sale--Leah Song
After sale--Crystal Li

Sale--Leah Song
After sale--Crystal Li
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Suzhou Love Season Wedding Dress Imp Exp Co., Ltd.
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